Wolf CBI Cocktails & Diamonds Get Together


Jan 30, 2004
This past Saturday, my husband & I had the pleasure of meeting Wink, Layla, & the whole Wolf Team. It was great hearing the story of how the synergy of these 2 companies came together, and of course to see all the beautiful sparklies and jewelry. We loved meeting other jewelry afficionados & seeing their fabulous personal pieces as well. There were a lot of spectacular diamonds. I snapped a few photos for those that were not able to attend. Enjoy! I tried to take a few notes on specs, but if I need to be corrected on anything, please do so!

Dcrafty1's pretty hand is modeling this CBI 2.66 D VVS2 diamond. I believe that is her personal wedding as well with the ring.

Stunning custom cut emerald ring 5.28 D VS - the setting of this ring was special as the prongs look non existent!
IMG_1022.PNG IMG_1016.jpg

3 prong bracelet 6.3ct, all G VS diamonds. Layla let me know that the lovely model's wrist is Jessica Carat - and she has a bracelet stack to die for!

21 Carats (yes 21!), every single stone was custom cut to a 1.55 Ratio! All are DEF colors (10 E's, 2 D's, and 2 F's). If I'm not mistaken, at least 20 stones were cut for the project before selecting the 14 stones that went into this ring. This was a spectacular piece that will be delivered to a client shortly. Hubby is modeling in one photo and StarFacet Jewelry in the other - who wears it best? LOL...
IMG_1013.jpg IMG_0927.jpg

5.12 I VS2 - this was a headlight of a diamond - and I'm told by most that were there at the time the perfect size for my finger.... :) Sorry for the bad photo, it was taken while it was in the case and and under glass so this photo does not do it justice. And another photo is of the stone on my hand.
IMG_0981.jpg IMG_0938.jpg

I think I have a few more but need to organize.


May 19, 2020
This looks like a dream come true! Lucky for everyone who got to attend! Thanks for sharing!

Jessica Carat

Dec 29, 2020
@kroshka It was a pleasure meeting our local PS members and of course seeing the team behind our sparkle (wink *no pun*, hi Layla, Tim). Wink was so passionate about WolfCBI craftsmanship and their ability to exceed client expectations.

I can't get the 21 carats ring along with the other exquisite rocks out of my head.
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