Which GIA report do you prefer?


Jan 11, 2006
There's nothing that we could tell you just based on those two reports. If you post magnified photos or videos of the stones, we can probably help. Are these stones you have seen in person? Have you seen pictures of them? If not, there is no way to buy a diamond by a lab report alone.


Aug 8, 2005
The entire purpose of faceting a diamond is to reflect light.
How well or how poorly a diamond does this determines how beautiful it is.
How well a diamond performs is determined by the proportions and the faceting. This is why we say cut is king.
No other factor: not color, not clarity has as much of an impact on the appearance of a diamond as its cut.
With ovals all that matters is the faceting and the performance of the stone. By performance we mean: how well it reflects light because this determines how bright the stone is, how much it sparkles, and how lively it is. And how big it looks. A well performing diamond will always look larger than a diamond with compromised performance, even if the compromised stone has actually larger dimensions. With ovals what you need to determine this is images of the stone, nothing on a lab report can help you select a stone. Preferrably a video And finally an ASET scope image as needed when shopping online as well.

So what is an ASET scope image and why is it important?

Basically an ASET tells you how well the diamond you are evaluating reflects light and where the light is coming from. This matters. .

So that's what you need to focus on.

If you want we can find you nice stones that have all this information. Please post your budget and what you want for it.
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