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Jun 14, 2020
I was thinking as I have already started two threads on this, maybe we could discuss what our jewelry pieces mean and symbolise to us. Symbols, faith, birthstones, special events,...anything it means to you :)
Whether it is fashion or diamonds, it’s the meaning that counts :)
(not sure if it is the right place for the thread :) )
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Oct 11, 2019
My husband died last year, left me with a then 17 month old. He'd been saying I could get a new ring for the longest time. Mine was a cheap one and no longer fit. I kept putting it off b/c of finances, etc, it just wasn't as important as other things and I figured it could wait. Since he died in June, which was also 5 days before our anniversary I looked in to June stones and got an alexandrite/ diamond ring for myself. I love it. It's the best thing I did.
It's also important to me b/c some day I will be able to give all of my jewelry to my daughter. People think things aren't important, and they aren't, but after having some major issues with my husbands older daughter (trying to take our things she felt entitled to), I realized that things really are, sometimes, important, and that's ok. I realized we were far from materialistic people and my husband didnt leave much. He loved books, reading, learning, but neither of us spent $ on "things", which left little for his older daughter.
So now I'm actually quite happy I'll be able to leave this jewelry (as long as I dont lose it haha) to my daughter some day, and tell her the stories about it, etc etc. Rather than spending $ on makeup, clothes, and temporary things Ive begun to focus on things I can pass along when I want to buy something for myself... if that makes sense.
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