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What would you wear with Charles Krypell?


May 7, 2020
Hi there,

Is anyone familiar with Charles Krypell jewellery? It's a bit like Judith Ripka or David Yurman, architectural in style.

I have a really nice silver & quartz three row bracelet - it looks shiny and expensive, and I like wearing it - feels very American! Like this one: Smoky Quartz, Gold, Sterling Silver Bracelet, Charles Krypell. ... | Lot #73001 | Heritage Auctions

But absolutely none of my other jewels match it- I only have antique & vintage stuff.

I don't like leaving my most expensive rings at home in case they get stolen but there is no way I can wear this bracelet with a diamond ring, and the periods clash. It looks more like white gold than silver so looks weird with any silver pieces, too. Doesn't match my modernist stuff either.

Any suggestions? Are these meant to be worn alone or else matched to similar jewellery? I'm wondering if I should just resell it as it cost a lot, even though I got it second hand...



Aug 7, 2017
That is a fantastic bracelet. I agree with mrs-b above and think a plain metal band would be best.

One thought that came to mind is that you could wear two smaller bands stacked, instead of one heavy band, or a heavy band that is grooved down the middle. The look would riff off of those yellow gold links in the bracelet, which have a doubled look.
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