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What did I just see?


Aug 8, 2016
Hello again folks,

As you know I purchased a diamond online through Ritani who sent me all the computer based Sarin reports.

I took the diamond to their Partner jewellers yesterday wanting to look at it under idealscope which they told me they had.

When I got to the store, the IS did not look likr the holloway tool? They showed it to me under some kind of a cylinderical tool, first showing me the hearts patterns and then the arrow patterns.

I asked for IS for to assess light leakage but they said they did not have anything like that.

While I was looking at the arrows I could somewhatdifferences in colour as I would under the IS. I could see some leakage in the table.

But now I am confused. The tool they used could it have been showing me light patterns like the IS? If so, then I can assume thst t
he diamond infact is losing light under the table.

Specs are 6.21 x 6.24 x 3.8, SI1, H
Table 57%, depth 61%, crown/pav 33.5%/40.8%.

I need to find someone with an IS in Toronto .. I am now doubtful.
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