WF Princess Cut custom design help!


Jul 22, 2016
Hi! In addition to researching diamonds incessantly, I have been reading this forum for some time. I need help choosing a diamond from Whiteflash to go with a custom design engagement ring. A little bit of background: my girlfriend and I have looked at loose diamonds in a couple different B&M stores. She strongly prefers colorless princess cuts. Her preference is for a colorless princess cut approximately 1.2c. In trying to find the balance between her preference, (my preference, which is a great cut with an awesome upgrade policy, skilled craftmanship, and great customer service), and my budget, I have decided to go with Whiteflash. I started speaking with them about a custom design piece about a month ago, when there was a beautiful diamond that met all the criteria (a 1.15 F ACA princess cut); unfortunately, I was too late pulling the trigger, and someone else bought the diamond. From their current stock, I'm having trouble settling on an alternative. They have said that they do not anticipate another ACA colorless diamond in that size any time soon. So, in moving forward, I need some advice. I want to remain with WF, so my options appear to be:
1) wait and see if something similar to the last stone arrives
2) choose an alternate stone, sacrificing either size or color,3699532,3699537

I really want to get my GF as close as possible to what she wants, as she rarely wants anything. I'm not sure whether she would prefer to sacrifice color or size (if it were only me, I'd readily go down a color grade, or even 2, to increase the size). And, I do not want to continue talking with her about it in much detail, as I want it to be a surprise. I particularly would choose size over color due to the setting she likes, which I fear will swallow a smaller size diamond. Here is a link to the inspiration setting (in CAD form):

The main differences, aside from a princess instead of cushion stone, include 1) a single rear shank that will be tapered to a smaller size, and 2) more rounded shank edges. My concern with all the metal in the setting is that the diamond will not be the star. So, I guess I have a few questions:

1) Do you think I'm overly concerned with the diamond size, in consideration of the setting? Meaning, do you think a few MM will make any difference?
2) Thoughts as to which of the diamonds represents the best compromise?
3) Ideas on how to alter the setting (slightly) to better emphasize the diamond?

I know that was a lot of information! I appreciate your thoughts and expertise! While this diamond buying process is fun and exciting, it is also a bit nerve-wracking! Fortunately, there are fabulous forums like this to help guide the process!


Sep 22, 2015
Have you considered another vendor for your stone? JA has an AGS 1.24ct F VS2 stone. it's not a WF ACA but is AGS Ideal and looks lovely. I want to say WF will set an outside stone for a fee?

As far as the setting, i think just simply scaling down the amount of metal is all that is necessary. That ring IS particularly clunky. I'd do the V prongs as well to protect the corners. Check out this link if you're not familiar with the prong look:

I do wonder if princess cut stones would look better in the pave part than the round stones too? Sorry, i'm not the best to ask for ring design advice, lots here that are MUCH better at it! lol!

Are you sure you want to go custom? this Maevona is similar


Dec 17, 2008
See if WF will send you a pic of the 1.22 G and the F stone next to each other so you can see the color difference. Ask Whiteflash to
look at the 2 stones togehter and let you know if the G is a low G, or a high G. Tell them you are looking to buy one of them. Have you looked at other IDEAL cut princess cut stones? Due to their excellent cuts they (ACAs) do tend to face up brighter than the typical
princess cut you'll see.

My opinion would be to go with the 1.22 G. I think the size difference will be more noticeable then the color difference.

The setting...have you seen a "real" picture of the setting or just the CAD versions? Besides your changes to round off the metal
shank I would probably pull the loops on the shank in some. This will make the ring not quite as wide as it currently is which
I think will make for a more feminine setting. How wide is the ring at it's widest part? Here is an infinity ring that someone posted yesterday just for reference. I think it has lovely proportions.

Edit...I wanted to give credit to farrahlyn above...she is the one that posted this ring yesterday :wavey:



Jul 22, 2016
Thanks for the advice! I want to go with whiteflash because I want to purchase the diamond from the same place as the design. I also like their upgrade policy far better. I'm checking with them regarding their interpretation of the color.

As for the setting, I have only ever seen the CAD. At its widest point, it is appr. 6mm (it will differ slightly to approximate the size of the center stone). I think is is a great idea to tighten the loops.
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