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Wanna be on TV???

Discussion in 'Bride World Wide & Grooms Grooves' started by decodelighted, Apr 5, 2006.

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  1. decodelighted

    Jul 27, 2005
    by decodelighted » Apr 5, 2006
    Just saw this ad on Craigslist

    Yep, ANOTHER Wedding Show! But This Time Its Comedy Central Style!
    If you are a fun, cute couple getting married in May or June 2006, we want you!

    Comedy Central is casting a brand new, half-hour show that will feature one lucky couple as we follow them through what is sure to be a wedding experience of a lifetime. Imagine having a well-known, hysterical comedian at your wedding. Not only would he give you the traditional, or in this case non-traditional, toast at your wedding, he would also become a part of your lives the week prior to your wedding. He wants to attend your bridal shower, your bachelor/bachelorette parties, have a drink with your dad and maybe even get your grandma on the dance floor! Your entire wedding story would be captured by our cameras for an invaluable keepsake AND you’ll get your national television debut! If you your families have a great sense of humor, this show is made for you!

    We are specifically looking for couples…
    - Getting Married in May or June 2006
    - 25 to 35 Years Old
    - Live and Getting Married in NY, NJ, CT and/or PA
    - Have Families with BIG Personalities

    If you are at all interested, please send us your story. How did you meet? What are your families like? Tell us about the town you live in. Also be sure to include your names, ages, wedding date, two phone numbers to contact you, your email address and a photo. PLEASE NOTE: The couple chosen will receive compensation for appearing on the show.
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