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Apr 22, 2018
Hi all! This review is very overdue as I actually got my diamond at the beginning of the summer, :twirl: I've just been so busy! We had such a hard time finding a good selection of OECs online and really Martin was one of our last hopes to get that gorgeous antique sparkle that I really wanted but not pay crazy prices like some sites out there. Martin is so very helpful and takes calls/email whenever he is able to address any concerns you may have during the process. I will say the website seems a bit old school (possibly sketchy even at first glance) but don't be deterred, just give him a call and you'll know he's the real deal. When I first got in touch with Martin through email and told him our diamond parameters he sent back quite the list of diamonds so the selection is awesome. He had me pick a couple to get pictures and videos of to check them out before committing, which is so helpful/necessary for making a decision and committing the money. The diamond Martin eventually helped us to select a gorgeous, sparkly 1.12ct vvs2 J color (it looks very white face up and is set in a rose gold band so that may help with coloring) OEC :love: and I'm so happy with my stone and ultimately my ring. Martin even went above and beyond in coordinating with the seller of my antique band as they were both coming from NYC (right down the street from each other actually) so my diamond could be set in the ring before being sent to me. In short call him already, you won't regret it!:dance:
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