Unintended positive health changes


Jun 22, 2020
have you ever gotten healthy on accident?
I started gardening at the start of Oregon's shut down due to covid.
I needed something to do, and wanted a way to provide for my household (due to the daycare closures i lost my job)
Since the start of my gardening work until now I've seen an unreal improvement in my weight management, stamina, and overall wellbeing.
I didnt even notice until people started commenting on my weight.
I was around 170 in the start of may, i currently weigh 135, almost my pre pregnancy weight!
My eating habits have changed only because growing vegetables has given me a stronger sense of food conciousness?
When i was digging up my plotted land for planting there were moments where i would almosy faint from exhaustion. And now i can work from sunrise to dark in my yard.
Im so happy.
Has anyone else experienced a life/health change that was absolutely accidental?
Im still trying to quit smoking and diet coke
Pic of my veggie tower!
Does anyone else here garden? 20200701_134944.jpg


Mar 28, 2020
You have a beautiful garden! Last and only time I accidentally lost 30lbs in 2-3 months (no exercises at all) was when we got a new GSD puppy, police/sport/personal protection blood line. He was soooooo different from our previous backyard bred GSD, that I stopped sleeping and completely lost appetite. I imagined he will grow up and kill me...Now he is a sweetest and loving family poochie and I am fat again. Don't forget to take breaks and eat enough food so you can loose weight gradually, not rapidly.

Lisa Loves Shiny

Nov 1, 2007
Not me. All positive health changes have been made with me kicking and screaming. Took me about 6 months to truly enjoy a diet that is 2/3 vegetables. But now I actually prefer vegetables over most other types of food. Nice veggie tower you have created and glad you have been able to enjoy the outdoors during the pandemic.

Daisys and Diamonds

Apr 30, 2019
First off im really sorry you lost your job
im not working and i feel lost with our purpose but you have your little family to focus on

Well done Elizabeth, your gardening is a wonderful effort
But please take in easy out in the hot sun now summer is here for you guys

I have a quite strong obsessive personally trait and years ago i lost a significant amount of weight (i now realize i didn't really need to loose) from excessive obsessive diet and obsessive over exercise,
it can really mess with mental health, i became a lunatic for a while,
listen to your inner self and be careful because all those glowing and well meaning and most likely absolutely deserved compliments from your friends and family can help feed something more serouse and harmful

Please take care and be sure to eat and drink and rest sensibly, your family need a healthy mamma as well as a beautiful garden and all those yummy healthy veges

Best wishes to you Elizabeth


Jan 4, 2019
Good on you. I’m glad you’ve been productive and are maintaining a positive outlook. And honestly gardening is the best. You get to exercise, you grow something you can eat, and it’s just relaxing. I get really obsessive about things and like you, have worked myself a little too hard while gardening. It’s really only when it’s hot out for me... But they sell these (basically) chamois at Harbor Freight that you can use to keep yourself cool. I’ve found that really helps.


Staff member
Jan 18, 2010
Folks there is a big difference between showing someone you care, and armchair diagnosing something based on a sliver of information you have on the internet. Stick to the former, or you will get a time out. We don't name call or diagnose people on this forum.
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