Twin 1.7ct super ideal measurements for heididdl to consider


Apr 23, 2021
@heididdl, I've been following your threads in regards to your frustrating hunt for 3.0ctw diamonds for a while now.
You had mentioned that these are to be your last purchase/upgrade, so I graciously implore you to consider going with lab diamonds with fantastic cut geometry, color, and clarity in order to maximize your purchasing power while saving you a haul of cash. Here at PS, we all want each other to get the best of the best cut quality that money can buy, regardless of the budget.

Running these through the Diamond Screener Cut Estimator website, both of them score GIA EX and AGS 0/Ideal.

Please take a look at these and consider comparing them to the diamonds that you found from one of your local stores:

Here are the 3-prong Martini studs in platinum flavor:

Total package price with free shipping and lifetime warranty (before tax): $10,545

If you are elated with what you have already found, then I and many others are happy for you and that your search has finally come to a commencement.

Best Regards


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