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Too Shallow to Bite the Bullet? OEC Help


Aug 10, 2012
Hello PS! This is my first, real post on this forum. Like many, this site has helped me hone in on what I love about diamonds and jewelry and become a more educated consumer. I have been searching for some time for an upgrade diamond - and I think I have found one that in person, looks great, but on paper, might make others run the other way....... I am hoping to get some feedback.

The diamond, not officially certed, is a 2.90 L/VS2 with med blue fluorescence measuring 9.4 x 9.4 X 5.2.
So that means it has a depth of approx 55% - :((

In these pictures, I can see a bit of a fisheye I think, but in person, I don't detect it at all. The store lighting was not great, but it seemed "on" all the time. When I louped it and with my naked eye, what I noticed most was the nice, petal facets surrounding the culet.

I hope these pictures load ok, but I will apologize now if they are horrible! When I view them, I can really zoom in, but I am not sure if that will work here.....The pictures were taken with my husband's phone and it seemed to do a pretty decent job.

Thanks everyone for your time and any feedback that can be shared!






Aug 8, 2005
I can't tell anything about the cut. It just looks gray and fuzzy to me, I'm sorry.


Oct 8, 2015
What are you upgrading from? Have you looked at other OECs? This one is not cut like a typical OEC (they are usually deep with a small table and high crown) but that's not a deal breaker, necessarily. You need to look at it in some lighting other than the store to see if it does what OECs should do--have lots of fire, pastel flashes, etc.


Oct 24, 2012
That is pretty spready for a 2.9.

My 3.04 is 9.13x9.20.

Better pics will help. Try taking pics in different lighting and not on your hand too.

Lastly, I wouldn't rely on just their words for grading.

Lang Antiques in SF guarantees that if they sell you an ungraded stone and it gets graded by GIA and comes back lower, you can return the stone. Does your store have this guarantee?

I will post a pic of my loose stone and see if you can get a shot like this. This was in yellow
Lighting at my house. At least you can see the faceting.



Aug 10, 2012
Hi, thank you to the replies! Sorry, the pictures are not great. I was afraid I would drop the stone with the tweezers! :wall: Unfortunately, I am not local to the jeweler who has the diamond, so I won't be able to take any additional pictures anytime soon. :((

Sagefemme - I currently have a 2.5 OEC J/SI1, approx 8.4 diameter. It is lovely, though slightly wonky! I have seen a few OECs in person, and I study what's available online like its my job! :D I have been looking for a long time and don't want to rush into anything. I've been in touch with a few of the known vendors here, some don't have anything that is quite within my budget with the specs I want or others stop replying/don't reply.

LLJsmom - Yes, if I were to move forward with this diamond, I will state to the jeweler that I would send it to GIA for grading and if it came back lower than stated, I would want to know if the jeweler would be prepared to accommodate that. I wish I had attempted to take a picture like your's while I was there, though I probably need something beyond a phone camera too. You can see the faceting of your's so well! It is stunning!

I am really stuck on my next diamond having med - strong blue fluorescence and that really limits the selection. It is probably ridiculous as I won't be able to detect it 95% of the time that I would be wearing it.....

I zoomed in on the pictures I had and cropped them, so hopefully these pictures may be more helpful.....If not, I will be better prepared next time!




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