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Thoughts on this SI1 diamond (e.g. is it eye clean)


Sep 7, 2016
Hi Pricescopers,

I've been perusing the forums a fair bit during my research on engagement rings and am now at the point of selecting out a diamond. I'm hoping to get some help from you experts on the following diamond:

I'm happy with the color, cut, shape and size but am slightly concerned by the clarity. In the highly zoomed in image on James Allen there is a fairly obvious inclusion on the surface. However, when I reduce the zoom to 2x I can't see it anymore. So I was wondering if anyone could give me there opinion on whether this diamond would be eye clean and a good purchase. The price seems a little too good so I feel like I'm missing something (might just be because it is below that .9 carats threshold).

Many thanks for any help!


Sep 9, 2012
Hi there,

Not an expert, but just my 2c.

The price does seem good - I would put it on hold :) The shipping date suggests that the diamond is in the US - have you asked for an idealscope?

I think eye cleanliness is quite subjective - it also depends on the eyesight and distance the stone is viewed at. I would say at normal viewing distance it would be eye clean - but ask JA's gemologist to confirm. However if you are going to be looking at it extremely close up and especially if you have short sightedness it may be visible as a tiny tiny white speck. At least with a crystal you don't have to worry about cloud/twinning wisp transparency issues. Good luck!


Feb 28, 2016
Would it be inconvenient for you to return it? It looks like you have 30 days to return it. I would buy it unmourned or in a temp setting and test it in various lighting and see how it looks, and then decide how I feel. I think it's a combination of the teeny crystal toward the center, toward the top, and being slightly below .9 carats.

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