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Thoughts on this idea? - Poem - Forrest Gump


Sep 23, 2014
I was going to plan a mountain hike up a nearby mountain that has some sentimental value to us. I'd plan on having some friends start the hike about an hour before us so that they can write or paint on trees at the top of the as your walking down the path at the top of the mountain you'd pass 4-5 trees that are close to one another and each one will have its own word, they will say WILL...YOU...MARRY...ME? on 4 or 5 trees.

I would then pull out the following poem I wrote... what are your guys thoughts on the poem? Should I take out the cheezy Forrest Gump quote?

A wise man once said
Life is like a box of chocolates
You never know what you're gonna get ( yes I just quoted Forrest Gump )
But life is also like a mountain, much like the one were standing on
Each one different in and of itself,
Full of history, of love, and of sorrow
Difficult at times and Rocky with it's many ups and downs
Mountains see the darkest storms and the brightest sunny days
The harshest winters and the prettiest falls
But Just like picking chocolate from a box,
no one knows what type of mountain you'll get,
What it will look like, or what obstacles you'll face as you climb up it.
A Marriage can also be viewed as a mountain
But No matter how high or difficult it may be, it can still be climbed
With a million ways to reach the top, No one way being right,
It's all about being committed, working hard, and being patient
Eventually you'll reach the top
I've known for a while now that we make a good climbing partners together,
And you've been willing to wait for me and assist me around obstacles,
After climbing this mountain with you and reaching the top
With my Heart beating out of control, breath taken away, yet still fully alive
Similar to how I feel when I'm with you,
I've realize that I wouldn't want to climb any mountain without you by my side.
and as I've traveled up life's mountain throughout recent years,
All I see is you climbing it along side me
And as I look up to see how much further we have to go and what our future holds,
all I can see is you and I at the top,
I don't worry about the obstacles we may face,
because I know that we can overcome them, whatever they may be
And all I care about is that I'm climbing along side you.
And that's when I knew I had found my partner to climb up life's mountain with.
Which is why I'm picking you out of my life's box of chocolates to spend the rest of my life with, as we travel up life's mountain together.

So With all that said, as I Neal before you on top of this mountain, may I ask... would you marry me?


Aug 29, 2014
Does forrest gump have any significance to you guys? Personally I wouldn't want that (but I dislike the movie haha), but if you guys like it then go for it. If you are going to do this, then make sure your friends take a car she wont recognize, and see in the parking lot or something. But I like the idea. Some other things to consider - is it a busy hike? You might want to pick an off day (weekday/early morning) so that there are less randoms around. Good luck!


Sep 25, 2008
I love it but think you need to do poem FIRST then show her the trees as likely she may be crying with joy after seeing your proposal so it would be difficult to her her to hear/focus on your beautiful words....
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