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The Scam of Brilliant Earth


Sep 22, 2019
Hello all. I am here to use my cautionary tale to help inform you all before you make any future purchases from Brilliant Earth. This is a longs story so I am going to try to keep it short and include only the important details.

I placed my order on 11/27/2019 on the phone with a rep named Madison. At the time of my purchase BE had extended returns to Jan 15th (for all orders placed between Nov 1 - Dec 15) and you received a free pair of diamond stud earrings with a purchase of an engagement ring. Madison reminded me of both these things on the phone but I already knew as I combed over their policies and FAQs before purchasing. I purchased a lab diamond engagement ring. I don't want to say exactly how much I paid but let's say with the setting and taxes it was between 8K and 10K. I know for some, this isn't 'a lot' in the realm of engagement rings but I feel we can all agree that this isn't pocket change and my SO and I bought this to be my forever ring.

The scheduled delivery date was 12/10 (Tuesday). On Monday the 9th I reached out to BE as I hadn't yet received a tracking number. I reached out at 8AM AZ time. The chat representative was named Ashley B. Throughout this whole process I chatted on BE maybe 20 times and every single time it was Ashley B. She told me that I would receive an overnight FedEx tracking number by 7PM. I waited. Nothing.

The next morning I checked my email and no update that my order had shipped however on my BE order page it showed a tracking number that was added at 3AM. I woke up around 8:30 AM and the tracking still hadn't updated it showed that the package had not even been dropped off to FedEx. I started to panic because it was now almost 9AM and how could the package arrive in one day if it hadn't even been shipped? I got on chat again with Ashley B and she said that it is highly unusual that my tracking isnt updated and she would email me within the hour. I asked Ashley B where my ring would ship from and she told me their warehouse in California. Being that I live in AZ, I felt that it was possible that even if they dropped my package off at FedEx at 10AM that it might still arriving within the same day.

Four hours later and no word, I chatted again on BE and got Ashley B again. She said that my order is being delayed because the jewelers need 'more time' to work on my setting, and because they offer lifetime warranties on the settings they have to go through 3 levels of QC before being ready to ship. I ordered the most simple solitaire that BE sells (petite comfort fit in 14K RG) but I thought, fine whatever. I am a little annoyed that they waited to tell me this until AFTER they marked the order as shipped, but it is what it is.

The next day (Wednesday the 11th) my tracking finally updated. It was shipping from New York (Not CA like Ashley previously told me). It arrived on Wednesday. My SO works nights and was sleeping when it arrived but I promised to wait until he was awake to open it so we could open it together. About 3 and a half hours after it was delivered he was awake and we opened it. Upon opening it I noticed several things. 1) BE did not ship my diamond certificate 2) BE did not ship my free pair of earrings 3) My stone was loose in the setting (remember, my order was delayed because this setting needed more time to be 'perfected' so it was up to their standards) 4) The setting was extremely tall

Here is a link to the video of the loose stone (listen with sound for the full horror) and the tall setting (I understand a setting being 'too tall' is mostly personal preference so I am not dinging it against BE but it did bother me). I sent the video of the loose stone to my BE rep I placed my order with (Madison).

Madison didn't reply so I called their customer service line. That line rang and rang and rang for over a minute so I redialed the phone number and went the route to place a new order. A representative picked up right away and it was Ashley B (lol. does anyone else work here?) When I told her my name she knew my order right away as I had been chatting with her a lot. I questioned why they didn't even send me my diamond certificate and why my order was delayed for QC and then the ring arrives loose like this. She told me that they are holding my certificate because they didn't want to delay my order and that it would ship 'sometime next week'. I told her that was sketchy and that I want my return window extended to 30 days after my FULL order arrives. She told me absolutely not, your return window is Jan 9th. (Remember, all orders placed Nov 1- Dec 15 are extended return windows until Jan 15). She told me that I would need to send my ring back to be tightened and that it would be 5-7 weeks until it was returned because of the high volume for the holidays. This means, if they mess the setting up again, by the time it is back in my hands my return and repair window will be closed so I will be screwed. I told her that I absolutely did not feel comfortable shipping my ring back for a repair when I don't even have my diamond certificate. She then, strongly implied that the stone being loose was likely my fault as the rings go through 3 rounds of QC before shipment. She told me if I even wanted to return the setting and keep the stone that I would have to send the whole ring back and they'd return my loose stone, I can't have the stone removed locally and it would be 5-7 weeks before my stone was returned. I asked if they could expedite the repair or return process as this ring should not have been sent out in this condition and she said laughed and said no. I hung up.

Madison finally emailed me back and said the same thing - I need to ship it back for a repair and that my certificate would be coming 'sometime next week'. At this point I absolutely didn't feel confident in BE's ability to fix the setting nor am I okay with a possible 2 month wait for a ring that we were hoping to use for a Christmas proposal. Now we are having to eat the cost of the setting and get something new. Madison also reminded me (on email, so I have this in writing) that my return window closes on Jan 9th and that they would absolutely not extend my 30 days even though the certificate is missing because 'we sent you the stone you ordered'. I emailed her back questioning where she pulled Jan 9th from considering she told me herself on the phone that I had until Jan 15th. She has yet to reply.

So in summary,
1) BE lied about the shipping origin of my ring.
2) BE delayed my order to perfect the setting and sent out the setting with the stone loose
3) BE tried to lie to me about my return window twice
4) BE refused to give me a solid date about when I would be receiving my diamond cert

and now that leads us to present day. I made this PriceScope acc just to post this review. I posted my review to a FB group and reddit and ever since then, BE has been calling me non stop. They are holding my diamond certificate (and free earrings) hostage because of my reviews. They keep insisting I call them to 'work it out' but I told them I only feel comfortable emailing so I have it in writing. A manager emailed me and apologized for their reps giving me the wrong return window date and agreed it was the 15th but said that because of the holiday season it is actually closer to 8 weeks for a return or repair. He insisted that I call him ASAP to work something out.

Please think twice before supporting this company. If you have any issues once they have your money, you're screwed.


Feb 2, 2015
I hope you send it back, signature delivery, and contact your credit card company immediately - if this company has been this dishonest so far, you can count on them pulling tricks to the very end.

I'm so sorry this happened to you! I hope it gets resolved.


Apr 25, 2014
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