Tension or suspension rings

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Dec 28, 2002
I am trying to find companies that sell tension or suspension rings. I have found a couple of sites but they dont amount to much. I did find one site that has tension settings but they want $2400 for a 1/4 carat diamond in a stainless steel ring. Now am I crazy or what but that seems a bit pricey for a 1/4 carat diamond. I found another site that offered them at about $800 for a 1/4 carat mounted in titanium. To me that sounds like the better deal but I like the style of the first one !! Can somebody help me find other sites to pick from !!!!


Dec 2, 2002
If you do a search within this forum for "tension" you will find a lot of information and URLs. I've just been through this whole process of finding a choosing a tension setting. It would seem there are very few people who manufacture tension settings and probably few of these that have the experience to do it properly (?). I am aware of three companies who do this: - I bought my ring from these guys (GAI), absolutely superb ! GAI have lots of settings shown on their website and will custom make to order too. - German company, pioneers of the tension setting I believe, but designs not to my taste.

Another one is Steve Kretchmer who seems to be very highly regarded, however finding information about him and his designs on the web is quite difficult.

Speak to Jonathan at Good Old Gold - I'm sure he'll be able to help you find what you are looking for, he did for me !

Good Luck !


Oct 30, 2002
I also got my ring from Gelin and Abaci and love it! If you email them through their website, they can point you to a store in your area that sells them. That way you can look at them in person, and have your fiance find the perfect size (unless of course this is a surprise). I found that the retail store I went to wanted alot more money than the internet company I ordered from (, so keep that in mind when you look at them.

They do cost more than plain tiffany style settings, but that is due to the fact that more metal is used, and more complicated workmanship. One of the the neat things about these rings is that they look really cool, even with smaller diamonds.

Good Luck!


Aug 19, 2003
Check my post under... show me the ring in main forum area - with title Vote for the ring - second round

There you will find my favorites.

I suggest the Gelin & Abaci. they have good selection and reputation. all the rings I am choosing from are theirs.

Email the guys at G&A and ask them who sells in your area. You may want to talk to and see if they will substitute your diamond selection for their standard Moissanite (spelling?).eem to have VERY cheap G&A prices. ALL of the rings made by G&A are set by G&A - local guys don't do any of it - so get a good return policy and you should be okay.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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