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Surprise proposal in Miami--need advice on how to ask


Mar 28, 2012
It's been a long time coming but I FINALLY have my proposal idea in mind. All that my girlfriend has ever asked in a proposal idea is that she is completely surprised.

So we usually take a warm weather vacation this time of year, and we have decided to not do it this year as we have a lot of other places that we will need to be this year (weddings, family trips,etc.) She is really regretting not doing it as this winter has been a very long one.

So I have booked a flight for her to Ft. Lauderdale/Miami area in a few weeks time. I have gotten her boss in on it, and she believes she is going on a work conference for 4 days, and he is paying for her flight, hotel, etc. I will be on a flight a few hours before hers so I will have some time to set up anything I may need to. My idea is to surprise her when she arrives at the hotel.

This is where I am having a little trouble. At first I thought I could leave a note in her (our) room and a little black dress saying "put me on and come upstairs" and I would be waiting upstairs with a private table for two. I don't know how I would get her to be ready to go for a dinner after she just got off the plane. She would likely be grungy from the plane ride with her hair in a ponytail. I thought about having her boss tell her to be ready to go out with a client or something, but the more he tells her I know she will get suspicious. Not to mention she will immediately know what is up when she reads that note, and I won't be there to see her face.

So do I keep it simpler and be waiting in the room with candles and the whole nine yards? That way I can see her face, and surprise her right then and there? Or do I pick her up at the airport? Any input would be welcome. Thanks for reading!
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