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Spinel market in America


May 16, 2016
Hi Everyone,
I'm a new comer from China. I am fasinated by gem stones and used to buy some spinels for my personal collections but now the price of spinels goes very high in you may have known, because of anti-corruption and economy slowdown in China recently, I expected that spinel price would go down a bit. It's true that the color stone market slowed down, however, the price superisingly did not. The Sri Lanka sellor on gem shows in China told me that though the buyers for such collector stones are less in China, the market in America is now warming up. They don't even have to come to China, instead they can sell to America or simply wait at home for people to buy.

It makes me very curious about spinel in American market. Is spinel still a collector stone in America? How do Americans view spinels? Is it true that American market is warming up? What would be the price trend for spinels...

Thanks for sharing your views.
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