Sigh.. another rant. It''s one of those days...

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Dec 12, 2006
My dad just rang me. It''s 5.30 and I''m still at work, which should have hinted to him that it''s a busy day... but he proceeded to keep me on the phone to tell me five times that he wanted me to book two people-movers for the relatives who are coming to my wedding.

I told him I was happy to book them, but how would he pay for them? FI and I are paying for the entire cost of our wedding ourselves, and we are struggling a bit financially. My dad was extremely put out that FI and I could not afford to pay, and then suggested that FI''s dad pay!!!

My parents are rather well-off, while FI''s dad works as a bus driver and struggles a bit financially as he has two young children to take care of. I could not believe the audacity... my dad thinks everyone has that kind of money lying around.. we are talking close to $1000 to rent two people-movers for the whole period my relatives will be here.

I am very grateful that they are coming all the way here to share our special day with us, but we are really stretched financially, and my dad hasn''t offered to help out in any way at all, and not only that, but expects us to fork up cash for these extras. They also want us to host banquet lunches for our relatives BEFORE and AFTER the wedding... I am happy to do it once, but cannot see how we can afford to do it twice.

I am so furious and stressed. I hate arguing with my dad... things get very ugly and he says things that I wish had never been said. Sigh...


Oct 18, 2005
I don''t mean to offend, but the lunches and the movers thing (which I don''t exactly understand) seem very extreme... I would tell your parents that if they want those extras they''ll have to pay for them. Be honest and put your foot down, don''t let them make unreasonable demands.

My FILs were making unreasonable demands, so I asked J to tell them that they''d have to pay for it if they really want it, because those are not things that are important enough for us to pay for, and we can''t afford them. They immediately backed off. They whined and said we were selfish and cheap (look who''s talkin''
), but they backed off.

Good luck!
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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