Should I have my old e-ring reset in a simpler setting?


May 16, 2011
Okay, so I know I'm getting a white gold set that is nicer than my old yellow gold set. I wear more white gold than yellow now, but still want to have a yellow gold set. The set I have is rather dated and I'm thinking I might like to go more classic.

The diamond isn't that great (I got the ring at Sam's club in 95' for about $500-$550) I'm guessing I1, maybe at worst I2, the center is about 0.40-0.45, it's just under 0.50 and the color is pretty good but not great and it's 14k setting cathedral. It isn't one of the nice diamonds that most people would like. But I don't want to buy a new diamond unless I can get a real steal. (Now maybe in a few years, I might consider doing so, but not at the moment.)

The band that's with it I got at a bidz auction for about $50-$65 or so and I'm unsure of the ct weight of it. It's not super high quality, but the stones to me are pretty decent, though not so under a loupe.

I do have a vintage band that was my great grandmother's in yellow gold that's HUGE, it's so wide I can barely bend my finger (size 5) it's a cigar band I think. So I could wear that with a solitaire.

Do the side stones in the original setting of the solitaire make it look better or worse? They are really quite bad stones and look pretty dark next to the main stone.

Should I keep the ring as is or set it in say a simple tiffany style or something like that? Any setting suggestions? Would you wear the band I have with it or is it too dated?

One other consideration, I found out that there is a fracture of some sort in my main diamond. I don't think they sold it that way, and I've had it sized so they would have told me then. I'm sure I did it at some point (why I won't be wearing my new white gold ring around the house) even though I always take it off for anything heavy or dangerous to it. I'm clumsy, so I likely bumped it into something.

I was told that it had no trade up value. It's not broken to the eye or under loupe, but it was visible under the microscope. Would this mean it can't be reset? Again, it's not like it's in half or anything and they said it's not going to fall apart or anything.



Oct 27, 2008
if its fractured, I would not recommend taking it out and trying to reset it, you could do more damage to the diamond. You will then not have a diamond ring to wear. I would leave it as is and just get a new set as you've stated that you would likely do in the future, you can get a really nice solitaire diamond ring second hand at a pretty reasonable price on diamondbistro, or ebay, or pawn shops.


Aug 8, 2005
Totally not worth the money to reset in my opinion. You can ask a jeweler if it is safe to rhodium plate your setting if you want white metal. Then you just have to keep it up.


Jan 7, 2007
Gypsy|1317156679|3027187 said:
Totally not worth the money to reset in my opinion. You can ask a jeweler if it is safe to rhodium plate your setting if you want white metal. Then you just have to keep it up.



Jun 29, 2011
If it's an I2 it might not have been structurally sound. I wouldn't assume you need to be overly cautious with your new diamond.
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