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Shipping for repairs, etc.


Aug 10, 2010
I am at a bit of a loss. Not used to the way things are done in the US.

The way I had understood it if something needs repairs or to be replaced because of a fault of the vendor/maker, then they stand for the shipping costs. How does it work in the US?

I tried to find information about this but I guess I was looking under the wrong words because I found this

Defective Merchandise:
A store, however, cannot use its disclosed policy to refuse the return of defective merchandise. When the item purchased is defective, you can choose a repair, replacement or refund. This right is contained in the Implied Warranty of Merchantability law. Under that law, merchants cannot limit your remedies. In addition, this means that if a merchant chooses an "All Sales Final" return policy, it must disclose that policy without limiting your rights. For example, the disclosure of the return policy must be similar to a posting which reads:
"All Sales Final, With the Exception of Defective Goods." (940 CMR 6.12)

But I can't find the Implied Warranty of Merchantability law.

US law is extremely different from Swedish law :???: , feeling kinda stupid.

Thank you for your help!


Jul 7, 2004
Rarely does a vendor/business cover shipping for repairs, returns or other.
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