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Sep 23, 2011
All you lovely brides-to-be, please share your proposal stories here! Sometimes I just like to watch real life romance when TV isn't cutting it for me, and I go and read these things on other websites when I realize we have a bunch of proposal stories right here! Can you either (re)tell your story or link to your thread with your story? And photos are always appreciated, too :appl:

Maybe one day, when I'm out of still water, I can join and write my own. But for now, I'd love to be reading all of yours! :love:


Aug 22, 2009
Here's a link to my proposal story, and a few posts down I posted a link to my SMTB if you want more pictures of my ring. :D


Oct 2, 2008
Me thinks you're all too familiar with mine, mad! But I'll repost it anyway because it was PERFECT for us.


We had an absolutely beautiful day together. We spent the entire day together. We slept in which was lovely. After we got up (late), we went up to Starbucks for our favorite holiday treats and came home to drink them with Christmas cookies...yeah, breakfast of champions! Hah.

After we finished, we put on How the Grinch Stole Christmas and watched it in the background while we were making our gingerbread house for this year. Lots of fun and got it made all cute like! After we were done, we took pictures of our little Christmas display that includes our tree, ornaments for the pets, our first ornament, all our cards, the gingerbread house, our new Charlie Brown Christmas figurine, our stockings, and of course, our new Christmas pickle!

We then settled in to watch another movie on the couch to just snuggle and relax before getting ready to go out. We watched Christmas with the that movie! We took our time getting ready to go out. We had reservations at a super nice fresh seafood restaurant on the water in Indian Rocks Beach called Salt Rock Grill. OMG it was delicious. We had a nice little table (inside) but right down by the window closest to the water. It was a beautiful view of the sunset while we had our feast! We decided to share an entree and get an appetizer so we could try lots of things. We had an appetizer called the Kingston Trio which were kabobs of filet mignon, chicken, and pork tenderloin served on a firey display cast iron rack. It was served with a spicy Thai peanut sauce and cucumber ribbons. Yum. The entree we decided to share was Alaskan King Crab Legs. They saw the legs in half and wood fire grill them. OMG awesome. We also got some panko crusted shrimp that they served with an amazing spicy/sweet sauce and garlic red mashed potatoes. Mmmm.

After our feast, we headed, once again, to Starbucks. This time, for hot cocoa. We got our hot chocolates and then headed over to the Florida Botanical Gardens for the Christmas Lights show. They decorate the 35 acre gardens top to bottom with over half a million lights in all sorts of colors. It was amazingly beautiful. We walked through sipping our hot cocoa for about an hour and were only part way through the walking paths. The weather was PERFECTION. That last week it has been 80+ degrees and yesterday it finally felt like Christmastime. The weather got no warmer than 60 degrees. There was almost no wind and it was just amazing. We needed our heavier jackets, but didn't need gloves (thank goodness!) and were comfortably cool without being shivery or chattery.

About half way through the gardens we found an amazing tree that was right on a little lake that had a fountain. The tree was lit up with purple Christmas lights which we loved because it's not a common color you see in Christmas light displays. As if waiting there perfectly just for us, off the beaten path in a surprisingly quiet and secluded area, were two adirondack chairs facing the beautiful fountain that was lit up red/green under the twinkly purple lights wrapping every branch of the tree. We sat in the chairs and talked for 15 minutes or so. Linked arms, snuggled, and just enjoyed the amazing view and the beautiful lights and weather.

He started saying lots of sweet things and I got butterflies in my stomach! He said how I made him so happy, that he's never been happier. That he knew I was his future and that he knew we'd spend the rest of our lives together. He said he couldn't imagine spending his life with anyone else. He then got out of his chair, down on one knee, and told me he was ready for us to take the next step. He pulled the ring box out of his pocket, opened the box and said, "Sabrina, will you marry me?" and I smiled so big and said Yes! He then put the ring on my finger and we hugged, we kissed, and we enjoyed the moment. He told me how he'd told his family earlier that week and that everyone was very happy for us. It still feels surreal! It was such a magical moment and just so perfect. I couldn't be happier with how it happened.

We stayed there in those chairs for awhile longer before getting up to finish the rest of the walking paths and see the rest of the lights. We called/texted immediate family in the car on the way home so we could post pictures and update Facebook immediately! The outpouring of love and support has been amazing. His Mom called me today to welcome me to the family. She's so ecstatic. As is my Mom, and my sisters. Everyone has been amazing. Andrew is amazing. And I'm insanely happy.

Link to the signing off as a LIW thread (with pictures!):

SMTB thread (lots of pictures!):



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