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Feb 4, 2009
Hello everyone!

Well, I''ve found the perfect girl, now I just need the perfect ring. Thanks to everyone''s expertise on this forum, I''ve learned quite a bit about the cut of diamonds, and I have confidence I''ll be able to pick out a great engagement diamond.

However, I''m feeling clueless about the setting. Thankfully I know that she prefers something "sort of antique-y looking". I say thankfully because that''s the opposite of my personal taste, and I would''ve picked out something with sleak lines. What I think she means by antique-y is some sort of engraving design on the ring, or maybe just unusual style.

I am hoping I might be able to list some of the criteria I am looking for, and you all might pitch in with some setting suggestions or let me know some of your personal favorite websites/designers/merchants. I am located in eastern NC and would prefer to shop online. Would WF or GOG send a diamond directly to a setting vendor?

Setting criteria:
1) Fits a ~3/4 ct. RB
2) Engraving or some antique looking quality
3) Low-profile. I happen to like low-sitting diamonds, and also she''s a nurse. I don''t know if she''ll want to wear it at work or not, are there any nurses or doctors that can comment on their preferences?
4) Prefer platinum
5) I''m hoping to get a setting for around 2.5k or (even more hopefully) less.

Thanks everyone for reading!


P.S. one last question. Does anyone think it might be a better idea to just get a cheap white gold solitaire for the proposal and pick out the final setting later? I just worry we''ll never get around to it if she''s wearing the ring, or that she won''t be as excited about showing her friends.


Jan 3, 2005
Hi and welcome to PS..

you might start out by looking at the Beverley K line at they make a lot of antique like settings and are fairly reasonably priced. and yes GOG or WF would send the stone to another vendor but both vendors have nice settings too. GOG carries many designers and WF does very nice custom work which is always an option. Pearlmans also carries ideal cuts stones so if you like one of their settings you might consider getting a stone from them as well.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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