Setting ideas for an 8mm ruby?

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  1. crystalinmke

    Aug 7, 2017
    by crystalinmke » Aug 4, 2019
    hi! so i got an 8mm precision gem ruby from a fellow PSer several months ago. it was a total steal and definitely my holy grail ruby, gorgeous size and stuuuunning color. i graduated from university recently and have been trying to find work so i don't have many funds to put towards this just yet but once i get a job and settle in, i think i want to set this ruby first! i'm having trouble nailing down a setting though. firstly here's my pretty lil ruby ~~~

    IMG_0815.jpg IMG_0808.jpg

    its my first precision gem and i adore it! its pretty large at 8mm so i'm kind of stuck on what i would like. i know i want something in yellow gold. my jewelry collection is small, i have mostly rose/yellow gold and bezels. help me out!

    i have found a few antique looking halos that i am really into! first i really like the look of this lang antiques pink sapphire:

    lang antique pink sapph halo.jpg

    i also really like this david klass red spinel chunky antique-y halo and i LOVE the gallery of this one. the stone sizes are different though, i think i would prefer a happy medium between the two? how large would you suggest for an 8mm stone?

    red spinel front.png red spinel gallery.png full video here. i think if i go the antique halo route, i would want to go with this in yellow gold because the gallery is to die for, but stone size is where i am stuck. but i get nervous about whether that would be too large for me to feel comfortable wearing? since the stone is already 8mm? but smaller stones tend to lose the "antique halo" feel.

    then there are other random things i like:

    david klass halo potential inspo.png

    potential sapphire inspo.png

    three stone victorian.jpg

    i also love this three stone victorian inspired ring! but i am unsure of what size side stones i would get and whether a ruby with a modern cut would look good in it

    basically i am totally lost and have no idea how to set this! what do you guys think? how would you set this? or any other ideas?


  2. swaye2010

    Nov 16, 2015
    by swaye2010 » Aug 4, 2019
    I love the first Victorian halo. That is on my list to do or buy with a yellow centered stone. I don’t know if you are looking to make something already with DK or somewhere else? There is a thread a few more down called ‘help me choose a setting’ if you skip over some of the chat, I am using Michelle’s DK CAD for a similar Victorian setting but it is slightly more modern with some lab rounds and a yellow tourmaline.

    There is also someone on the Starsgem thread (last page) that just did a hydrothermal emerald with a lab diamond halo and it was under $500 and that was including the stone. If you are on a limited budget, that is a great setting to have made and could always be reset into something nicer and resold at a later date for what you paid on LT or something like that. The lab diamonds from SG are really good prices. Just a few thoughts.

    I like the 3 stone too. I did an oval sapphire with pear sides at Debebians in LA with engraving but I am not as big of a fan with rounds and pear for sidestones. For that reason, I would pick the 3 stone Victorian version over that one.
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  3. Jujeh

    Mar 24, 2019
    by Jujeh » Aug 4, 2019
    Woah! It's beautiful.

    I love the idea of a chunky halo.
  4. jrzgrl1119

    Sep 20, 2014
    by jrzgrl1119 » Aug 5, 2019
    The first time looks so pretty!

    I recently had a hydrothermal Emerald made with starsgem. I'd love a Ruby ring as well.


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