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Searching for blue sapphire


Dec 13, 2016
Hey all-

I found this site recently and have spent the last few weeks following similar posts for blue sapphires. I was immediately impressed with the helpful nature of all the posters and how many different sites/stone cutters I was able to find through this site.

I'm need a 1.0-2.0 carat blue sapphire for an engagement ring. The exact size/cut is not real defined at the moment as I don't have a specific setting in mind. But, I do know that I would like to do a three-stone ring: center sapphire with smaller diamonds on either side. My budget for the center sapphire is ~$1000USD, which seems very possible from some of the other posts that I have seen.

She has a sapphire ring from her grandmother that she loves that has a very dark sapphire, so I think she would like something on the darker blue side, but from shopping with her I think she wants something lighter. I'm not great with the descriptive terminology yet, sorry.

This is a gem I saw awhile ago on here that has a color profile that would be a general starting point for any suggestions

I'm open to any/all suggestions on stones/gem cutters.

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