SC Justice Nomination vs. War and Politics of Fear

Loves Vintage

Nov 19, 2007
Again, I should preface my post by reiterating that I do not follow politics, so this post is based on sort of fundamental notions of reason, if you will.

TV was on again this morning. CC (the NJ bridge guy) was on urging republican voters to go out and vote because, if nothing else, the American people will suffer HRC's supreme court nominations, who will diverge from the core beliefs of traditional (for lack of a better word?) republicans. Ok, I get it. They are desperate and trying to get folks who are disappointed enough in the candidates that they might stay at home to vote for a madman based on fear. But, if we are going in that direction then what do people really have to fear more -- a Supreme Court justice nomination or DT very foreseeably getting us into wars with other countries and very foreseeably getting dangerous parts of the world to hate us ever more? Really, what is more dangerous to the American people? An unstable person leading the country or a Supreme Court justice who might be more likely to knock down some abortion laws?

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