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Jan 29, 2021
Hi everyone,

I was searching for ideal cut, eye blinding diamonds for a pair of earrings for myself and used PS HCA tool. When USA Certed Diamonds popped up as a preferred vendor here, I called the number up and let me tell you, Martin is the kindest man I’ve ever worked in the jewelry game. He has an old school, soft spoken, gentle vibe to him. He personally answers all the calls; and does all the work by himself. He is a certified gemologist by trade and he uses his sources to help you look for what you want. I believe he has a bunch of wholesalers that he works with plus helps you search for diamonds in a very big database called Rapnet, which us regular consumers won’t be able to access. His prices are lower than BN, JA. But you kind of have to know what you are looking for before speaking with Martin, only because he doesn’t physically have the stone on hand to show you, but Martin has decades of expertise under his belt and can tell you if you have a nice stone. He can also send the diamond to his friends jewelry shops in NYC, San Francisco and other cities, to be viewed. I’m assuming that’s why his prices are so good because he has less overhead. His wholesalers does have the GIA and videos so once you find a stone with Martin, he will email you cert with videos/photos. Martin does have a return policy if you aren’t satisfied; 7 days I believe.

We settled on 1.2 total carat diamond rounds, F,VS1 triple EX for $4500. No tax if you’re in California. I paid $150 to FED-EX overnight them to me in Canada, $0 duties but paid my provincial tax of 5%, and I am having them set with my jeweler as I’m writing this. Does anyone want to see them after I take them home? I’ll attach both GIA’s for anyone who was a little skeptical (I know I was a little only because his website looks a bit outdated and when he answered his phone, he seemed like someone I’ve known all my life, not a sales person) Working with Martin has been a really good experience, to say the least. I kind of miss calling him almost everyday for over a week, asking a million questions.

Martin, Thanks for educating me along the way, I hope to work with you soon on many other projects! A126DBE1-D298-44D3-B577-4C8BC9390566.jpeg 1632532C-8C41-42C0-A942-98EFAC23FA2E.jpeg
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