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retail vs online confusion


Oct 30, 2016
After researching online, and talking with brick and mortar jewelers, I finally decided on my 5 stone anniversary ring. My husband talked me into .50 diamonds and to 'go big or go home'! (gotta love him!) They are all G/H VS1 stones in a princess cut to match my ER.

I was originally looking in a retail store and they brought in a 2cwt ring and they guy told me 1 cwt was the way to go in a round stone because of the brilliance. He said 2 cwt was a "big honking ring" and too big. He also told me you cannot do a shared prong with princess stones; which is exactly what I AM doing with BGD online. So here I am with a 2.5 cwt and getting nervous about my choice.

Here was my ultimate goal: to have brilliance and fire in my ring in all kinds of lighting. Some good CWT, and to be able to have it stand alone or with other rings.

I'm pretty new to all of this and have been researching this like mad. What do you experts and laypeople out there think? I'm not hard on my rings and am very careful about wearing them and taking them off after work .

Is a shared prong setting wrong for princess stones?


Dec 13, 2016
FG2. I was having some of the same questions. Did you end up doing a princess cut five stone with shared prongs? If so could I see a picture? I'm not sure if you'll see this
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