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Replacement E-Ring Help Please! =)


Dec 3, 2016
Hello Everyone!!!

Six years ago a lot of you helped my then boyfriend pick out a loose stone for an engagement ring and it was AWESOME! Thank you all again for all the knowledge.

We have now been married for five+ years and are expecting our first baby (A little girl <3) on Christmas day! Unfortunately, I lost weight during this pregnancy and my beloved engagement ring got lost =(. We had it insured then moved to a different state for University and never got around to re-insuring it so we are out on any kind of insurance replacement money. =( we are looking for a temporary engagement ring. My old diamond was an AGS .99 H VS2 from James Allen in a three stone setting. Because we aren't rolling in dough at the moment, we are currently looking into keeping it around the $1700 mark for a temporary ring. I was thinking of doing a smaller stone...maybe 1/2 carat in a six prong white gold solitaire from James Allen. To stretch the budget I was thinking of going J SI1 (eye clean?) with an excellent cut? My ring finger size is about a 7.25-7.5 right now. Any suggestions/tips would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your time!
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