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Re-sizing Question +/- 2 Sizes

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Nov 10, 2002
I have read here that a ring can usually be re-sized plus or minus 2 sizes without the ring shank/design being affected.

This may be a silly question but I have heard on QVC television in the UK and from jewellers here the same thing.

Now the question is as UK 2 sizes is far less than USA 2 sizes, the figure 2 sizes does not seem to relate to anything? Does it really matter if the ring is sized more or less than 2 sizes (within reason)?

Below is a link to a chart I found on the internet showing the difference between the two international sizes:

Example of what I mean:

Take for instance the UK size J this is USA size 4.75.

Plus 2 sizes would be UK size L and USA size 5.75.

Taking it by USA sizing 2 sizes from 4.75 would ofcourse be 6.75 or UK size N.

In UK sizing from a J to an N is ofcourse 4 sizes so the sizing measure in the USA is double the uk measurement but 2 sizes as a rule is the same in both countries but is different in practice.


Aug 29, 2003
Talking US sizes, two is already a stretch. The design of the ring is so much more important here than any rule of thumb that most talk cannot be worth much. By far, inches and millimeters of ring diameter (unless the stuff is square, triangular or worse) are more useful for cross-border ring size comparisons (I always say : I need my ring 15mm diameter, and everyone knows what that is). This chart gives the translation of ring sizes into more mundane inches...

I guess this message "sizing can be done at most two sizes" is meant to set clients' expectations, since the cost of extreme sizing (very different process than for just a bit) is that much more. Just a thought... of course.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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