Quiet at home proposal

Huge Metal Fan

Jan 10, 2018
Girlfriend is 100% expecting proposal. She helped me narrow down the setting choice as I was not highly confident in my interpretation of her requested style. We've had numerous substantive discussions on what we want marriage to look like for us.
She's said emphatically she hates the idea of proposal at restaurant. I believe she's also said she likes the idea of private setting and would not want to be in public.
I will have the ring this week and want to give it to her soon. Her 35th birthday is coming up in 3 weeks.

Maybe this sounds odd, but I want to attach the ring to our rather fluffy cat (Olive) with string and then nudge GF into noticing the ring. I'd pick a room for this to happen in and get LED candles for that room that have remote control so I can trigger the lighting after she finds the ring, then get down on one knee and profess my love for her. We're able to see sunsets from our living room so I might time it to be around then. I'd also make secret dinner reservations for that night so we could celebrate & not have to worry about cooking & cleaning (there is a wonderful Italian place in town).

GF is a massive animal lover and I think this method will create a better memory for her. Also, loss is very difficult for her, she still grieves over cats she's lost, and this would attach a memory of Olive to the ring. Unfortunately we won't have Olive with us forever, but ideally she'll wear the ring for the rest of her life.

I will put up pictures of the ring when I get it :) It's a 1.54 F VS2 August Vintage OEC in a Caysie Van Bebber platinum setting. I already purchased insurance for it.

Please let me know if you see any problems or opportunities for improvement of my plan :)


Aug 8, 2019
Such a thoughtful plan! I agree to absolutely do the proposal in a very private setting. She sounds like me about not wanting a proposal in a public place. Keep in mind some people get nervous when they are about to propose, so I am not sure if triggering the lights will really be on your mind. I don't have a cat so I can't advise on if the cat is going to go along with the plan. I love your idea of the dinner reservation that evening. Also, I just want to say the ring sounds gorgeous and we are all going to want to see pictures when the moment is right! I wish you all the best with your plan!


Aug 7, 2019
Sounds wonderful! Actually your girlfriend sounds a lot like me when I got engaged. We went and picked out the ring together, bought one that day and I warned by husband that I would say no if he did it in public (I wouldn’t really but it got my point across). He couldn’t wait to put that ring on my finger so he proposed that night at home.

I’m actually perplexed by the people who hold on to the ring for months on end waiting for the perfect time. But to each their own!

Mermaid Princess Kokomi

Jul 7, 2022
I feel like it's fine to have a private proposal because it can get very awkward sometimes when there's a lot of people you don't really know around you
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