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Question on HCA results


May 15, 2012
Hello, I was thinking about the results i got on HCA for the Brian Gavin diamond (AGS-104086353089; .248 carat, F vs2) I just ordered and have a question. Another one of Brian Gavin's I see the HCA score is excellent all across. Is it possible that the diamond i chose may be lacking in some way in comparison to the other Brian Gavin signature diamonds? The results are as follows:

Light Return Excellent
Fire Very Good
Scintillation Very Good
Spread Very Good

Total Visual Performance 1.7 - Excellent
within TIC range

The specs are:
Table % 55.5
ID AGS-104086353089
Depth % 61.1
Shape Round
Crown % 15.4
Report AGS - Ideal
Crown Angle 34.8
Carat 0.248
Star %: 55.0
Color F
Pav Angle: 40.9
Clarity VS2
Pavillion % 43.1
Measurements 4.06 X 4.08 X 2.49
Lower Girdle % 77.0
Lab Cut Grade Ideal
Culet Pointed

Light Performance Ideal
Fluorescence Negligible
Polish Ideal
Girdle Thin To Medium Faceted
Symmetry Ideal.
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