Question on diamond colour grade and rose gold setting


Jun 12, 2016
Hi all,

Newbie here, who has been spending some time lurking and getting aquatinted with the forum :angel:

I am in the process of designing / buying the e-ring. It is going to be in rose gold (going for the coppery end of the scale rather than pink) with a centrepiece around .95 - 1.3 carats in a half bezel, and a half-eternity melee.

I have been advised that I should be looking at a J or K diamond for the centrepiece, because I am going with rose gold. I definitely dislike the very white on rose gold contrast, and for sure want something a little warmer to complement the metal, but is that grading a little too far down? I don't want the diamond to look too yellow/brown...That said the advise I've had so far is that anything H or above would be a waste of money.

I'm also slightly nervous that if I get a centrepiece around that kind of colour grade, the melee is going to look weird if it is too white against it. For example, I'm looking at asking Whiteflash to make this ring, using ACA hearts and arrows centrepiece. They have told me that their melee will also be from ACA range, and will be either F or G How would that look with a J or K I wonder?



Jun 30, 2015

I think you will have to look at some j and ks IRL to understand your own color tolerance. For some it is far too low color and for some it is absolutely fine. We simply cant tell you what you will like. If you go this low in color you will have to be absolutely sure the recipient is fine with it because the wearer will see tint in certain angles and lightings.

I think the advice that buying a higher color stone is a waste of money is a bit misleading.

For an all rg ring, including rg prongs: my experience is that the gold will enhance the color of the stone rather than make the color of the stone show less. The prongs may actually even reflect within the diamond making it appear even lower in color.

For a rg ring with plat/white gold head/prings; sure, the band may (or may not) make the lower color show less because the contrast between the stone and metal is less. However, the tint is still there and in certain angles and lightings it *will* show. I have a J set like this and I do see the tint, no question, sometimes. I bought it for myself knowing this and am happy with it, but I dont know if you would be. If you want a white stone I would stick with an h or higher, no waste of money at all if you want a white stone.

Hope this helps.
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