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Proposing in a week and a half...


Apr 26, 2017
We've talked about marriage and discussed rings even so I know it won't be a COMPLETE shock to her but I have hinted to her recently that I am trying to save up and how expensive rings are just to throw her off a bit. She doesn't know I bought her ring about a month ago. We have a trip to San Diego planned in November which is where I originally was going to propose but decided she might find it obvious.

We had a trip to NYC planned (day trip) to see John Legend in concert so theres always a chance she could expect something that day but instead I booked a hotel room for the night before in the NYC area. I told her that I got a good deal and it would let us get into the city earlier in the AM so we could spend the day there (kind of a terrible lie since we are only about an hour and a half from NYC at most). Told her that I would make dinner plans for that night so that we could eat and relax before going to NYC. The restaurant I suggested to her is actually the launch site for a hot air balloon company. I've made arrangements for a private trip and they are going to lay out a proposal banner on the ground (corny but I think she likes that stuff). Then the next day we have the day in NYC. I made reservations for Loeb Boathouse in Central Park which should be nice and I'm on the wait list for a Jimmy Fallon taping (she doesn't know about that either) so hopefully that comes through and then we'll have the concert at night. We are also staying over in NYC at a 5 star boutique but she doesn't know that yet either.

Then when we get back I already made plans for our families to get together at a nice restaurant in town which I alluded to as for my sisters birthday. I think I have everything covered as long as the weather holds up for the balloon ride. I guess I should have a plan B. Maybe a boat ride in central park? They have row boats for rent which could be a nice emergency backup.

Open to any other ideas...

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