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Proposal Help - No Ring While Traveling or Wait


Oct 7, 2013
I'm about to go on a month long trip and need some advice. My SO wants a particular type of ring that will also require a fairly custom setting. I am fairly confident that I know what she wants, but we haven't seen a similar ring in person, nor do I know her exact ring size. I have fixed amount set aside but since we both work and make a comparable amount of money, I don't know if she would want to supplement the amount I set aside in case she wants something more. The two options I am weighing are as follows:

1- Propose while on the trip with a cheaper infinity band ($500-1,000) and/or potentially buy a ring while traveling that might have some significance of the location. The pro's to this option is that I would propose while on a great vacation (which we really haven't taken since we started working) and it would be a great story to remember. It would also allow my SO to have more input on the ring type, size and price if we pick it our together afterwards. I should also add that even if I took a shot to order the custom ring, I don't think it would be ready prior to our trip. The con's are obviously that it may be disappointing if I don't do it with a ring that will wow her.

2- Wait until we return to propose with the custom ring (without her input). I could still plan a mini vacation for the proposal but it would be a long weekend type trip (not as great of a story down the road, IMO). The pro's to this option are that it may be more exciting during the initial proposal to have the ring. The con's are that she would not have input in the ring process or would not have the opportunity to add money to what I have already budgeted.

In all honesty, I think she would like whatever I pick out (she is very laid back), but I would like to give her the opportunity to participate in the decision making process. I also am a little concerned about the ring sizing issue as I'm not sure I could have someone (i.e. one of her friends) obtain it without tipping her off, which would take the surprise out of option 2.

If anyone has any experience or thoughts on either option, I would appreciate the input.


Jun 19, 2014
i like your first idea. im always one that wants an awesome ring but an even more awesome engagement story. that's what your friends and family are going to be asking you from the moment you get engaged until you get married, what better story to tell than a month long engagement adventure!

especially if you're someone who has absolutely no idea what your gf likes for an engagement ring, i think an infinity band would be a great idea.
i would probably treat it as a wedding band after you decide on an engagement ring together.
this way it won't be some random ring that you got from a random location on your trip, because honestly...after she gets her engagement ring and wedding band how often is she going to wear this "memorable" ring?

gl with your proposal!
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