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Nov 4, 2016
hi all, wondering if you could help me with a stone I'm having shipped for viewing:
Masurement 6.88 - 6.91 x 4.10 mm
Carat 1.19
Colour D
Clarity VS2
Cut Excellent [GIA]
Polish Excellent
Symmetry Excellent
Girdle M-STK 3%
Depth 59.5%
Table 59.0%
Crown Angle 33.5 degrees
Crown Height 13.5%
Pavillion Angle 40.8 degrees
Pavillion Depth 43.0%
Star Length 45.0%
Lower Half 80.0%
Cutlet None
HCA 1.2% (all 4 results "excellent")

The predicted light return, brightness and scintillation appear great on the rock. But the 33.5 shallow crown angle worries me. Does anybody know if the combination of 33.5 with 40.8 works?

Is 33.5 too shallow ? I.e if a triple excellent with more "ideal" angels was put beside this stone, is there *normally* a visual difference?
I just want it to sparkle like crazy when she wears it
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