Please help us find a diamond & company to make the ring


Jul 4, 2016
Can anybody please help find a diamond for me. My husband has very generously said I can get a diamond ring for my 40th birthday. I would like this setting but lower.

Our budget is $8500max for the diamond. We will pay for 18ct white gold ring to be made on top of that. Ideally we would like to buy the diamond & get the ring made through the same company.

We live in Dubai & are planning to either ship the ring to my cousin in Canada or to a friend in New York & pick it up from them when we next see each other.

We would like to pay with credit card so we can get the frequent flyer points.

With regard to the diamond we are hoping for the following

1.27ct to 1.45ct
H colour or better (but may consider I colour)
SI1 or better, must be eye clean
GIA x cut or AGS ideal cut
HCA score less than 2.0
table 54-58, pavillion 40.6-41, crown 34-35, depth 62.3 or less
No fluorescence

We have done a lot of reading & research. We were working with a dealer in Dubai but they were unable to provide the images we wanted & could not get the diamonds in just to look.

We like the prices of Eternity by Yoni but am not having any luck in them replying to our emails.
We are starting to get overwhelmed by it all.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thankyou so much.


Jan 11, 2006
We can easily help you find a diamond. All the vendors do not necessarily have benches we'd recommend, though. That sometimes takes two vendors when you want a special style setting that has to be custom made. I almost just recommend buying that setting from that website once you know the measurements of the stone and then send it to the diamond seller.

Just out of curiosity, how did you come up with the parameters of 1.27 to 1.46 cts? Would 1.26 or 1.46 not be acceptable? We have seen good buys on diamonds at 1.49 cts, for example. Your other numbers are what I personally use, so those will be easy. I will look and see what I can find.

I will mention, though, that some vendors may not take a credit card from another country. You'd have to check with them on that part.


Jul 4, 2016
Thankyou very much for your reply & suggestions Diamondseeker. I am open to 1.26 & of course very happy to go bigger. I only put those parameters in size to try & be helpful & not to vague. I like the look of your WF suggestion. Will just have to see if we can stretch the budget. I also like your suggestion of buying the setting from the company that makes it & send it to the company that I buy the diamond from. Do you have any opinion on the company Eternity by Yoni?

Gypsy I had a look at your suggested setting. I do like that it is a low setting but it has too much metal work around the diamond for my liking. I searched long and hard for the setting I like & thought about the actual setting for the last 6 months to be certain it's actually the one I want.
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