Oval stone for winter proposal


Nov 10, 2016
Hey folks! I'm looking to propose in about 4-6 weeks and have spent quite a lot of time trying to make sure I get the right diamond. I'm looking for an oval that has a lot of sparkle and shows as big as I can get it (part of the reason for going oval is because she's quite tall and with long fingers, so the length of an oval may show bigger? That was her friend's rationale).

Not sure if it really matters, but the setting will be plain, thin band, dressed up with simple pave.

I have this one from JA on hold in an order:
as I thought it was the best bang for the buck.
I would put it in this setting:

Some of the other JA ones I was looking at were:

As I kept looking, I found a few more that seemed to offer a bit more diamond for a similar price: -- it's got strong blue fluorescence, so I'm a little concerned it may be milky, hard to tell from the picture. The color does look a little off, though. The rotating video doesn't seem too high res, so it's hard for me to gauge light performance. Also, it's rotating on its long axis which kind of throws me off from the standard JA angle. -- hopefully this link to the video works. It looks pretty nice, I think. They don't have an ASET available, unfortunately. -- I quite like the look of this one. -- I've requested video and ASET; they're looking but not sure they can get one.

I know that's not too much information to go off of, but I'd welcome any thoughts or advice. Thanks in advance!


Nov 1, 2016
can't offer insight but just wishing you well. i am also on the lookout for an oval with a similar timeframe.

the prosumers here are absolutely amazing. tyty333 and Gypsy both seem to like (and know quite a bit about) ovals - i'm sure one of them will lend their expertise.

good luck!
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