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Mar 10, 2009
We were looking for a very special diamond to celebrate our anniversary. We wanted as close to perfection as we could get in color, clarity and cut. Most dealers did not understand and continued to offer us inferior stones and seemed to think that we would take whatever happened to be available at the time. Martin Sheffield at USA Certed Diamonds took us seriously and actually looked for what we wanted. He also provided a lot of information about cuts quality and some other sites to go to to verify the information. His guide to diamond buying was very helpful.

We relied on his "team" of other professionals to get the most wonderful diamond ring. We used his appraiser, Mark Yakabov of Accredited Gemological Institute, to look at the stone for us. Our stone was rated D, IF, with VG symmetry and polish. Mark thought that the polish and symmetry were excellent and it should have been rated EX, EX. The stone truly was as great as he said, with incredible brilliance and light reflection. It has an ideal cut. I had seen a setting that I wanted and Martin suggested that we use Marcelo Pevsner at GemKraft in NYC to make the mounting. We sent him pictures of the mounting we liked and he made the same mounting -- only better! He added some beautiful scrollwork under the mounting that adds to the vintage feel of the ring. It was a bit nerve wracking to trust something so important and expensive to people that we did not know, but it turned out wonderful. If we had it to do over again, we would only change one thing -- we would contact Martin earlier in the search.
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