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Options for my mall jewlery store ring

Daisys and Diamonds

Apr 30, 2019
So ... just filling in some time durring covid 19

Deep sigh

before i came here and met and befriended you good people i had spent thousands at the mall jewler
now i knew about the 4 Cs and the mohs scale and i found out pretty early on not to buy anything not on promotion but i was so sooooo woefuly ignorant on sooooo much else

Anyway so please be nice
I really loved this ring under the bright store lights and it does sparkle nice at home at nighttime in our atrocious lighting
but i hate hate hate the darkness of the sapphires

Because i have sussage fingers the ring was made to size and i doubt if i even noticed the darkness in colour when i tried in on when i picked it up from the shop

So i still really like the setting, (although i do acknowledge it could be alot better quality) i like the weight and width of the band and it feels nice on my finger

anyway im thinking natural sapphires of a nice actual blue blue would be too exspensive so im just thinking out loud about options for replacement stones and i certainly can't afford to do it right now

i have no idea where to look for stones or what size and shape to shop for

and im looking at options for type of stones ?
im thinking a mid blue topaz because i actually really love blue topaz but im open to suggestions
I don't care about heat treatments or even man made stones, i just want to love my ring

I would be finding a local jewler to do the work

I take the crapiest photos sorry, phones arnt good with colours

its blue if you think of it in context to a big set of felt pens where the last 2 colours are black but one is a blue black



Jul 7, 2013
Hmmm, the stones are bezel set, and as far as I am aware, bezel settings cannot be reworked as the process of taking the stones out will destroy the bezels.

Enjoy the ring as it is as it is pretty.

DK :))


Jan 22, 2014
Hmmmm. I think new gems could be set in, depending on the underside ie remove and replace from the underside, BUT once you go lighter tone, in that square cut, you’ll likely have a “see through” gem. No doubt the gems, whatever variety, will need to be cut to fit and once you use different rough and have different size and depth with coloured gems it is harder to match colours.
So while doable I think the effort and expense together with possibly getting a new set of issues would make it a no for me.
Love it and wear it as is or perhaps on sell and buy something else.


Jan 3, 2013
Agreeing with PPs in that bezel set stones are difficult and expensive to replace as the bezel needs to be refined after removal. Leave it be and maybe buy another? It’s pretty Daisy.


Sep 20, 2009
Alternately, you could sell the ring and use the money to help fund a new ring that is closer to your dream ring. I took a soaking on a ring rehab once. At the end, I realized I paid 1.5 times the value.

I think it is pretty as is and looks lovely on your hand.


Apr 22, 2004
Bright blue topaz will be pretty and inexpensive. The only thing I don't know is how easy it will be to find 3 princess cuts of that specific size to fit the bezels.

Not sure how much metal there is to the setting to be able to handle the rework. In this case, might be best to sacrifice and "whack" the current sapphires out to preserve as much of the setting as possible.

I think most of the cost in this particular case will be in the labour of the bench to reset the new stones. I guess having the bench quote an estimate will be key to your final decision.
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