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  1. Redsparrow

    May 15, 2019
    by Redsparrow » May 19, 2019
    Hi Pser friends,

    First, I need your help and advice about this ring. GIA XXX over 2 cts. Its eye clean, no Fluor, HCA score 1.1.


    Table: 59
    Depth: 60.4
    Crown Angle 32.5
    Pavilion Angle 41
    Pavilion Depth 43.5
    Star Length 50
    Lower Half 75
    Slightly Thick Facted, 4%




    Are the angles complimentary? And should I be concern with a table of 59? What about Ideascope n H&A? The light leakage looks good from what i think i see... they were unable to take a good photo of ASET. Off of this info, I’m curious what this is compared to a super ideal?

    Mod shots of me trying it on


    Second, on an emotional and psychological level, what made you guys finally decide to purchase the “one” ring? I’ve seen many beautiful ones but never had that feeling of Ah Ha moment! They’re all beautiful... don’t get me wrong. But is this normal? Should you just know when you know? Or do you go go home to think/reflect about all the factors and then make that final decision? Just curious...

    TIA! Appreciate any advice, tips, or stories you all share
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  2. Karl_K

    Aug 4, 2008
    by Karl_K » May 20, 2019
    not a fan of flat tops like that one with that shallow a crown angle and large table.
    @Dancing Fire can tell you about his personal experience with one if he is available.
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  3. Dancing Fire

    Apr 3, 2004
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  4. OoohShiny

    Apr 25, 2014
    by OoohShiny » May 20, 2019
    HCA score under 2 shows the crown and pavilion angles work well together, and Idealscope image seems to be showing consistent cutting (which is good), but...

    ... low crown and larger table will mean it is likely to give more white light than coloured 'fire'. The shorter LGFs (75%) might help offset this, but the Pricescope recommended parameters would be to look for crowns in the 34-35 degree range (up to 35.5 with a shallower pavilion, so 40.6 degrees).

    If you have seen it and compared it to other stones with different crown and pavilion angles, and you love it, then that is fine, but you should make sure to buy in full awareness of the options out there :)

    Re: 'the one ring' thing, the stone and the ring it is set into are two different things. If you are buying from a local jeweller, don't be forced into buying a particular stone because it's already set in the ring you like, and don't be forced into buying a ring because the stone you like it is already set into a ring you don't like - you should be able to pick and choose your preferred options for both ring and stone.

    If you are struggling to find a ring that you love, have a good look through the Show Me The Bling forum, trawl through Pinterest and google images, and pick out aspects that you like on rings that come up. You may find exactly what you are looking for or you may find aspects of different rings that you would like to see combined - if the former, that's great and an easy buy, but if the latter, that means you have things you can ask the jeweller to include in custom CAD work to create the exact thing you want :)
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