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Opinion on two Brilliant Earth diamonds


Sep 23, 2016
Hi there,
Diamond newbie here. I found the resources on this site really helpful to learn about diamonds beyond the 4c's and GIA report. I am looking for some opinions to help decide between two Canadian diamonds from Brilliant Earth:

DIAMOND 1 (0.64c, F, VVS2, 3ex cut):
Depth 60.5 %
Table 55 %
Crown Angle 32.5°
Crown Height 14.5%
Pavilion Angle 40.8°
Pavilion Depth 43.0%
Girdle: thin to slightly thick 3% faceted
Dimentions 5.61x 5.59 x 3.39

DIAMOND 2 (0.65c, E, VVS2, 3ex cut):
Depth 62.6 %
Table 57%
Crown Angle 35.5°
Pavilion Angle 41°
Girdle: medium to slightly thick 3% faceted
Dimentions 5.53 x 5.52 x 3

Diamond 1 scores 0.8 HCA and Diamond 2 scores 4. I am strongly leaning towards diamond 1 as it faces up bigger, same clarity and I'm told the color between F and E isn't a big deal.

I would appreciate any thoughts or advice to help me decide!
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