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Opinion on a stone purchased years ago


Sep 27, 2016
Hello, I've purchased a stone years ago that do not fall within ideal proportions at all. I purchased it because it was the only eye clean stone with the size i was looking for within my budget near where i lived and i did purchase it after looking at it next to a GIA certified triple ex where the proportions are within ideal proportions, one i found at some site online. Even though i had purchased this stone after comparing them in many lighting conditions, the more i study diamond proportions i come to think i must have purchased an ugly stone. i am pretty sure but i wasnt able to see a noticeable difference when i was comparing them at home for at least an hour. The stone i purchased is a Good cut grade on GIA and the proportions are as follows:

table: 57%
depth: 62.4%
crown angle: 31.5%
Pavilion angle: 41.4%

It says "Very thin- very thick faceted" 5.5%
says 50% at top left of the diamond
says 80% at lower left of diamond

Can any of the experts in the industry tell me, based on these figures, what kind of diamond it is?
I know it won't have a good balance of fire, scintillation, and dispersion because it's out of proportions but what would it have?
What are its strengths and what would it not have? Is it a diamond that would have a lot of fire? Look small for its carat weight?
It does score a 2.7 with very good on every category, but does that mean anything since it's just a "Good cut grade" on GIA?
I am just curious?
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