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Online furniture?


Mar 23, 2013
Anyone ever order from Room and Board, Maiden Home, etc.? Looking for a new sectional.

We prefer made in the US and want to pick fabric, etc.

Our local store that sold furniture from Hooker, Sam Moore, Etc. closed. I liked them. Ethan Allen is expensive. Any suggestions?


Apr 23, 2018
I have bought a few pieces online.

I have a home office and bought a nice leather executive style chair. Also, I bought a couple of leather sitting chairs for guests to sit in. The office chair is by Serta and has been amazing.

The sitting chairs have been surprisingly very comfortable as well. Prior to re-purposing them for my wife's work office (she's a therapist, and her patients now enjoy them), I would often grab a book and read a few chapters of whatever book was my flavor at the time near a window. My chocolate lab, Stella, would bring her blanket to me to arrange for her so she could sit in the other chair and pet her while I was reading, lol. Lots of good memories.

The sitting chairs were a cheaper purchase. Think I caught them on sale for about $500 total. Comfort and quality was pretty good, especially for the low cost, but for more money I could have done better. However, I was not willing to spend more money at the time so I was very pleased with them.

The office chair was about $350, and I will buy another as a replacement if it ever breaks. Me, my wife, and every buddy that has sat in the chair absolutely loves it. I also bought my wife the same chair for her work office.

Our living room furniture is a different story. Admittedly, both my wife and I are picky with furniture. Despite the tacky sales approach of the local stores, it was our best option to get the exact color, style and comfort we wanted. First time I've had power recliners in my life and I freaking love them. Napping has never been so good, lol.

Big Fat Facets

Jun 7, 2019
Yes, ive ordered from room and board. American made case goods.
Solid quality. Nice cherry and maple furniture. Well priced.
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