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NYC Ladies! Question about Small Brooklyn Wedding Venues!


Jan 5, 2010
Calling all NYC ladies! We are planning a small (50-60 guests) wedding in October 2016. We live in Manhattan, but we are paying for the wedding on our own and also trying to save for a house, so we kept the guest list small in hopes of keeping the price lower too (NYC weddings are crazy!).

We are looking for a fun, small Brooklyn venue with dancing space and an open bar option, and so far on our list is:

-Palo Santo
-Bacchus Bistro (I think this might be our frontrunner right now)
-Frankies 457 (we are counting this out most likely because no dance floor)
-Anima Bistro
-ICI (though it seems a bit on the pricier side?)

-Aurora (but we are really hoping for a type of open bar package and they don’t offer one)

-We are also considering a small winter wedding at the Brooklyn Winery – it’s nice that pretty much everything is included– seems like it would make things fairly stress free?

Any other recommendations? It’s also confusing trying to figure out the total price on the various venues – has anyone recently had a waiting at one of the above, and if so, what was your budget? We were hoping to find a restaurant closer to the water, and Aurora was our top choice until they couldn’t offer an open bar package.

Thanks so much!
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