Not great work by jeweler - what can I do?


Sep 16, 2015
I recently purchased an e-ring from a reputable jewelry store chain in Boston and had a loose stone set in it. The quality of the ring is not the highest - I have had to take it back to them twice for fixes within three weeks after receiving it. Is there anything I could/should do?

The ring is a Harry Winston-style setting (round + tapered baguettes) with a plain shank. My fiancee really liked the setting in the store, but it had a gold shank instead of platinum. With my permission the jeweler used the exact setting in the store (including the baguettes) and the jeweler replaced the shank with platinum and replaced the center stone with mine.

When I received the ring, the appraiser pointed out some problems:

* Some solder was on the wider end of one of the baguettes. It had likely leaked/dripped. My fiancee commented that it looked like one of the baguettes was crooked as a result of the solder, so the problem was visible with the naked eye.

* The gallery under the main stone and gallery under one of the baguettes had excess metal that should have been removed. The appraiser said he would not have let the ring out in that condition. My fiancee commented that the side of the mounting felt and looked rough.

I brought the ring back to the jewelry store, which confirmed the issues and their on-site jeweler filed away the solder and excess metal.

A week later, my fiancee noticed that the baguettes were loose. She brought the ring back to the jewelry store, which confirmed the issues and their on-site jeweler tightened the baguettes.

While I appreciate that the jeweler is fixing the problems, I feel like the ring should not have had these issues and that I should take some action. What can/should I do?


Apr 22, 2004
Get a refund and go elsewhere to get your setting. Most jewellery chain stores do not sell high quality settings unless it is a big name setting such as Tacori, Vatche, etc.


Aug 29, 2014
If it's fine now, and you can't return it, then I'm not sure why you're posting it. They fixed your issues right? I mean, make sure you have good insurance so that if something happens you won't be hooped, but other than that it seems they were very accommodating for you.
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