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North Shore Chicago Jeweler Recommendation


Oct 9, 2015
I need recommendations for jewelers in the North Shore area of Chicago. Back in November, the bottom of the shank of my engagement ring broke and, unfortunately, the jeweler the ring was purchased from 23 years ago has since retired and closed. I'm ashamed to admit here that I've never had the prongs checked and the shank was significantly bent out of shape 14 years ago after a fender bender. The diamond is a 0.70 carat IGI H VS2 and to me it is priceless, but sending it to some of the popular PS vendors seems silly and a waste of their time. I would also like to keep the business local and hopefully find a jeweler I can trust for future projects. Frankly, I'm not sure what kind of setting I need but I've looked online at options ranging from Stuller, Overnight Mountings, Tacori, Martin Flyer, A.Jaffe, and many others I can't recall at this point :lol-2: This project will be either a classic solitaire or possibly a 3 stone with gemstone sides, so I might need a jeweler that does CAD work. I honestly feel a little overwhelmed by the prospect of having to do this, so I'd appreciate any additional input on options. Thanks in advance for your patience and assistance!
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Feb 17, 2020
I have used Karat Jewelers in Hindsdale- Anton there and his brother have been hands down two of the best and most trust worthy jewlers I have worked with. I started going to him for simple repairs that other jewlers in Chicago couldn't or wouldn't fix and then I started working with him on custom pieces because he is so reasonable and has great workmanship. He has made several custom pieces for me and always does a CAD and wax mold for me to approve. He does everything in a super timely fashion. check out his yelp reviews
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