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Newbie needs help on vintage diamond bracelet


Jun 3, 2016
Hi all, I am a newbie and I have been eyeing this vintage diamond bracelet as my first vintage piece.

I have read that Adin is a reputable antique and vintage jewelry seller in Antwerp, Belgium, so that does make me feel a bit more comfortable. But still, I am hoping if some experts out there could answer some of my questions:

- I have no idea how vintage pieces are priced. But based on the listing and the photos, is this price reasonable given the info provided?

- Since there's no hallmark on this piece, how did Adin determine that the piece is possibly from the 1930s?

- Is it true that when it comes to rose cut diamonds the weight is often unknown? And why is that?

Thanks for educating me!


Jan 22, 2014
Hi, a late reply and it's now sold. Hope you bought it! I'm not sure why the store considered it Art Deco, to my eyes it looks older ie Victorian or maybe earlier. By the 1930s diamonds were more likely set in platinum than silver and the old cut diamonds are much earlier than the 1930s. As for diamond weight, because they are set and are old cut shape, the "formula" used to estimate round modern diamonds can't be used. Carat is a weight, not a size. Nevertheless, the bracelet is very beautiful and unusual and if you are now its owner I hope you are loving it and wearing it often.
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