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New York City indoor proposal


Jun 14, 2012
Hi everyone. I'm planning to propose to my girlfriend next Tuesday (the 17th) in New York City, and I just checked the weather report and found out that there's a 60% chance of thundershowers that day.

I'm somewhat fixed on proposing on the 17th as that's the day that the photographer I've arranged for is free. Given the weather situation, it'd probably be wise of me to start looking into some potential indoor locations that would still let me maintain the element of surprise (the only ones who know about the proposal are the photographer and I). After doing a quick Google search, it looks like many indoor places such as the library, Museum of Natural History and so on require permits or advance booking.

As such, I'm reaching out to my Pricescope friends for suggestions on where I could propose indoors in Manhattan. I'd love to hear your ideas and recommendations.

Thanks in advance !


Dec 12, 2012
I'm in the same situation!

For you, is showing only a 20% chance of rain on Tues. I would like to do it Sunday after a nice brunch at her favorite cafe, prefab lay outdoors at a park during a stroll, but I'm seeing a 40% chance of rain.

Where did you go for the diamond? I sort of feared the diamond district, and liked doing price and spec comparisons online. I ended up going with GOG, which meant sales tax but great customer service and close enough to pick it up in person.

I wonder where there might be a large indoor garden or courtyard that isn't a muggy greenhouse?
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