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Apr 15, 2007
Hi everyone. This is my first post although I have been along time lurker.

I am newly engaged (2/12/07) and have a question about my ring. I tried attaching pictures but the file is too big and I can''t figure out how to reduce it, sorry. Basically my fiance purchased the ring from Blue Nile and I really love everything about it. It is a shared prong setting with 5 diamonds on each side. The problem though is the center stone. The ring head is off center. There is sliver of space between the center stone and the setting but one side has more space than the other if that makes sense. Problem is it is off-center. Only slightly and you can only see it if you really examine it but it bugs me. Blue Nile said they will fix it but I wonder if it is going to look like it has been fixed, which I don''t want. So that is my this a reasonable fix or should I leave it alone? Basically they will have to remove the head and re-center it but as I mentioned I don''t want it to look like there was work done.

If anyone has some insight I would appreciate it.



Nov 1, 2003
A good bench could fix it but might have too use a new head.
Honestly if its not visible within 30 seconds of close inspection to me I don't worry about it.
I had to adopt that standard because otherwise none would pass.
My setting guy is way better than most but spending 10 minutes on any piece I can pick it apart even high end name pieces.
Saw a second hand tiff ring that didn't pass the 30 second test the other day and it had to have been that way new because of the location of the imperfection.


Apr 5, 2007
You have to wear it everyday so if it bugs you now, I''d just take it in and request a completely new setting. There is no reason/excuse for an off center head on a brand new setting. I wouldn''t even bother with fixing it, just ask for a new ring.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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