New to forum, would appreciate thoughts and input on a diamond

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Mar 26, 2007

I am new to Pricescope, although I have been using it to do some research. It seems like a great place for info and answers. What brings me here is I am looking to buy my girlfriend an engagement ring sometime within the next few months.

I am looking for a 1 carat princess solitaire F-G color and clarity of VVS1 to VS1. Also AGS or GIA certs. I am a little uncertain of buying sight unseen off of the internet, but I do like the prices and selection that are available. My price cap is about $7000 mounted.

Also, the other issue I am dealing with is trading in or selling a .92 carat round brilliant solitaire ring that I have, set in 14K yellow gold. It is not certified, but 2 independent jewelers said it is around J in color and VS2-SI1 with excellent brilliance. I paid $4400 for it a few years ago.

I have been searching online dealers and also the local jewelers in my area for just the right stone. I found one local jeweler that seems more willing to work with me than others. He got in a few stones for me to look at and I would like any opinions or input that you may have on one stone in particular.

The stone is a 1.00 princess cut: GIA cert# 14755156. It is G color and VVS2 clarity. Depth- 73.1% and Table- 72%. 5.69x5.36.3.92mm. Polish- good. Symetry- good. Fluorescence- none. The stone looked amazing compared others I looked at. It just had a certain sparkle that caught my eye.

The price is $6950 including mounting in a 14K white gold cathedral setting. Also, I am getting $3500 trade in for mine, which is more than I have been offered before. I would appreciate any thoughts or comments on this stone and deal I was offered.

Thank you,


Regular Guy

Jul 6, 2004
Bostonjeff notes an attractive option. I also read here Pearlman's offers an attractive consignment program.

(eta...)...Then again...having a local jeweler to work with is worth quite a I wouldn't too quickly dismiss the bird in hand.

If you dare....consider getting an aset and checking this local option out under it.

If you're trying to genuinely optimize...this should help you bring some rigor to the consideration of the current option.

Or you could just go for it. You've looked at it, considered several, and like what you see. Not too shabby.

Just some thoughts...
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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